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Estes Park Fishing Report 5/8/23

Estes Park Fly Fishing Guides
A happy client with a beautiful Rainbow Trout! Great Fishing!

Lost Outfitters

Estes Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park Fishing Report

Week of 5/8/2023

Upper Big Thompson River - Open to fish, but the river is rising every day with the current snow melt. Look for pools and the slower water. Squirmy Wormy/San Juan Worm in size 12, Copper Ribbed Rs2 #20-24.

Lower Big Thompson River - Fishing really well! The water is going up every day but that does not mean you cannot catch fish. Look for pools on the edge of the river. Squirmy Wormy/San Juan Worm size 12, Copper Ribbed Rs2 #20-24, Blue poison Tung #20-24, Zebra midge #20-24, Caddis pupa imitations.

Inlet/Lake Estes - They just stocked up in Lake Estes and people are catching a lot of fish at the Inlet. These fish will just eat about anything you throw at them. We don’t fish up here until they release a bunch of water out of the dam and the lake is lower.

Tailwater/Lake Estes - Tiny little bugs will do the trick here. These fish are pressured fairly heavily now that we are in the Spring, so we suggest going really small with your bugs. Bling midge/Blood Midge/White Midge/Rs2 variants #22-26

Wild Basin/ St. Vrain River - Nothing to report.

High Altitude Lakes - Frozen

Creeks/Streams Estes Park - Nothing to report, but they are all open.

Send us a message and let us know how you do!


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