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Estes Park Fishing Report 6/12/2023

Fly Fishing Estes Park
Small Client, Big Fish, and Big Smiles

Lost Outfitters

Estes Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park Fly Fishing Report


Upper Big Thompson - With the river flowing at about 300 CFS the potential is there to catch some nice fish, but with the higher flows it is challenging. Be prepared to put in the footwork. Worms are going to be your best bet, followed by small mayfly nymphs. No good dry fly action yet, but it should be any day now.

Lower Big Thompson - The water is trending to be more fishable. Currently it sits around 160 CFS, but the flows change regularly right now. Be sure to look up the most current data. Nymphing is the most productive form. Flies that are working are: Worms #18-#22, mayfly variants and baetis variants (pheasant tails/juju baetis/two-bit hookers) #18-#22, Caddis Pupas (all types and sizes), Sow Bugs, and blue poison tung.

Inlet Lake Estes - They just stocked up in Lake Estes and people are catching plenty of fish at the inlet. These fish will just eat about anything you throw at them. We do not fish up here until they release a bunch of water out of the dam and the lake is lower.

Tailwater Lake Estes - Tiny little bugs will do the trick here. These fish are pressured heavily now that we are in the Spring fishing season, so we suggest going really small with your bugs. Bling midge/Blood Midge/White Midge/Rs2 variants #22-26.

Wild Basin/ St. Vrain - No Data yet, the water is too high to fish.

High Altitude Lakes - The lakes are starting to open up. Be prepared to find hungry, but slow-moving fish. Might be able to find some fish-eating gnats and mosquitoes. The best strategy is going to be to drop small chironomids in front of moving fish and look for them to take it. May also drop an egg in front of a fish and look for the take. Stripping streamers is always an excellent choice too.

Creeks/Streams in Estes Park - With all the rain and snowmelt, they are running too fast for our liking.


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